Dent pulling system

The Pro Spot DA-3 Synergic Drawn Arc welder easily applies pulling keys and threaded studs so that various tools can be used to pull dents from steel and aluminum panels. With specific programs for both steel and aluminum, the DA-3 features:


The DA-3 has a wide range of configurations to best fit your shop’s needs. It can be added to a weld cart or even a Mobile Weld or Dent Pulling station for additional functionality, mobility and storage.

How it Works

Aluminum Repair Using Drawn Arc Technology

LCD Screen

The DA-3 features an LCD screen that displays all welding settings. You can easily adjust these settings using the control knob. The welder is designed for ease of use, with a synergic mode that simplifies the welding process. Simply select the type and size of the key or stud, as well as the metal thickness, and start welding. If you need to make more precise adjustments, you can switch to manual mode by pressing the control knob for 3 seconds. This allows you to fine-tune the weld power and time as needed.

In manual mode, you can save and name your welding settings for future use (maximum 13 characters). The welder has a memory capacity of up to 64 programs, making it easy to recall your preferred settings.


Input Voltage:

  • 200-230V 1ph. 20A

Current Range:

  • 50-200A


  • 300W Max


  • 14.17”x6.3”x10.8” (370x160x274mm)


  • 12.3lbs. (5,5kg)


  • AlMg3 – AlMgSi – Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel

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