Drawn Arc Technology

The Pro Spot PS-DA5 Drawn Arc Welder is the latest technology in precise dent pulling for aluminum repair. Using drawn arc technology, the PS-DA5 easily applies pulling keys and threaded studs​ so that various tools can be used​ to pull dents from aluminum panels that would otherwise need replacing.


Precise Aluminium Desnt Repair

Designed for the growing needs in aluminium dent repair, the PS-DA5 provides accurate placement for pulling keys and threaded studs

Aluminium Weld Station

The PS-DA5 Drawn Arc Welder can be packaged with Pro Spot’s Aluminium Weld Station to keep any shop organised and on top of aluminium welding. 


Equip an Aluminum Weld Station with the PS-DA5 to take advantage of the mobility and storage that the portable welding cart offers. Stay organized and on top of aluminum welding by having a space in the shop dedicated to serving your aluminum dent repair needs.


• PS-DA5 Drawn Arc Welder
• Stud Torch Adapter
• Key Torch Adapter
• Mobile Cart with Tool Board
• 110V & 220V Utility Panel
• High Quality Work Surface
• Storage Drawer
• Gas Bottle Bracket
• Accessory Kit


Input Voltage:

  • 3ph. 208-240V 50/60Hz @ 40A

Welding Amperage:

  • 250/300/400/500 A

Protection Degree:

  • IP21


  • 43 kg (95 lb)

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