Single Phase Double Pulse

The SP-5 Double Pulse MIG Welder was designed with microprocessor controls and weld programs specifically geared for the collision repair industry. Applications include Aluminium MIG/MAG, MIG Brazing, Steel MIG/MAG, Root Welding, TIG and MMA/Stick Welding.


Single Phase MIG Welder

Industrial strength and ready for heavy welding applications in the shop.

Auto Switching

To switch welding different base metals, simply pick up the appropriate torch and pull the trigger, the microprocessor and weld programs do the rest.

Double Pulse

Safely and confidently repair aluminium and steel with automatically controlled pulse welding.

MIG Welding

Features three MIG welding torches and wire spools. Also includes preloaded weld programs and synergic curves for all common welding situations in automotive repair.

Multiple Welding Processes

Accessing multiple applications is as simple as pressing a button and making your selection.


Simply pick up the appropriate torch for the base metal you want to weld and pull the trigger — the SP-5.3 will automatically switch the weld program and synergic curve — no need to change wire spools or shielding gas.

MIG welds


Preprogrammed synergic curves maintain optimal arc stability and weld quality.

With three wire spools dedicated to three separate torches, the SP-5.3 is capable of easily switching between Steel, Aluminum and Silicon Bronze welding materials. This gives the operator seamless transitions from material to material and increased work flow which leads to a faster cycle time.


Input Voltage:

  • Single Phase
  • 208-230v 33A 50-60Hz

Amps / Volts, Min – Max:

  • MIG – 20A/15V – 200A/24V
  • MMA – 5A/20.2V – 200A/28V
  • TIG – 5A/10V – 200A/18V


  • IP 22


  • H

System Weight:

  • 93 kg (205 lb)

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