The PR-2 Welder
Power and Versatility to complete any job
PR-2 Multitask welder

The PR-2 Welder is a highly versatile system that allows the user to weld multiple fasteners from the OEM. The PR-2 is also able to perform many single-sided welding functions such as stitch welding, washer welding, nut and bolt welding, nail welding, moulding clip rivet welding, and Pro Pull dent pulling


Single-Sided Welding

10 Different Single-Sided welding applications give you the power and versatility to complete any job.

Dent Repair / Stitch Welding

Pro Spot has a wide range of tools to help car repair professionals repair dents, tears, gouges and remove rust.

MIG Combi Welding (optional)

Combine the already flexible capabilites of the PR-2 with Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding.

Steel Repair Station

The PR-2 is included as a part of the Steel Repair / Dent Removal Station as well as the Dent Pull Bar and several other useful tools. 


The i4 is capable of handling a variety of single-sided welding needs, including washer, nut & bolt, nail, rivet and stitch.


1. Lever Bar (optional) 2. Slide or Spot Hammer 3. Slide Hammer with Hook (optional) 4. Weld-on Shaft with Collar (optional) 5. Hammer Weight (optional)

Quickest dent pulling system ever! Just weld the hammer directly on the dent and hammer away. Simply twist to release. (magnetic ground plate optional).

Ideal for rust repair and patching. Stitch welding works by delivering an intermittent or pulsating current while rolling the tip on the sheet metal edge.

Pro Pull Dent Pulling (optional). Position the weld tip on the bottom of the dent, weld, then squeeze the handle to initialize the pulling action.


The i4 package can include a MIG welder as an option. It can also be installed later as an upgrade. This feature allows the convenience of STRSW and MIG welding in one unit.

Mig Features
  • 220V 1-phase ready to use
  • Binzel connector: quick-connect all-in-one adapter
  • Ideal for collision repair welding


Input Voltage:

  • 208 – 230V or 400V 1Phase

Input Cable:

  • 9.1m (30′)

Welding Cable:

  • 2.1m (7′)

Output Amperage:

  • 2,000A max (at electrodes)

Shipping Weight:

  • 43 kg (92 lb)

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